Natural Incense Wholesale

We are one of the leading importers of Palo Santo, White Sage and other organic incenses in Poland.

We put a lot of effort into sourcing products of the highest quality, thanks to the import sources diversification we can offer reliable supplies and competitive pricing.

Quality first

Our products undergo strict quality control the moment they reach our storage facility as well as when they are prepared for shipping.

Products are stored in the warehouse with controlled temperature and humidity.

Apart from tens of thousands of happy B2C customers we also supply a online stores, SPAs, aromatherapy studios.

High resin Palo Santo

The Holly Wood is our bestseller, it comes from legal sources, it’s highly resinous, thanks the air-tight packaging it maintains the aroma of freshly chopped sticks.

Available products

  • Palo Santo sticks
  • Palo Santo incense (sticks and cones)
  • Peruvian myrrh
  • Bundles

    • White Sage (various shapes and sizes)
    • Sagebrush
    • Rosemary
    • Yerba Santa
    • Cedar
Cedar bundle
Cedar bundle
Palo Santo cones
Palo Santo incense cones
Peruvian Myrth
Peruvian Myrth

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